Jeff Wayne's New Adventure

Fans say "If you love the music... you'll love this"

Imagine experiencing a Martian invasion all set to Jeff Wayne's iconic Musical Version of The War of The Worlds.

Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience is a completely unique multi-award winning event where live actors, virtual reality and sensational 5D effects place you inside the action.

Your 1hr 50min adventure takes you back to 1898 to experience 24 extraordinary scenes: from the sighting of the first cylinder to the arrival of 300 foot Martian Fighting Machines and the evacuation of London. You'll visit the Royal Observatory on Horsell Common, sneak into George Herbert's deserted house, and even escape London by boat.


"If you love the music... you'll love this. Feel the tension, live the adventure, see the Martians. Well worth the price. Do it, you'll love it" - Dave B, Plymouth


Exclusive Q&A with Jeff Wayne

  1. What have you enjoyed about bringing your musical version to the 'Immersive' world?

  1. What was your creative process in scoring and arranging for the Immersive Experience?

  1. What's your favourite moment from The Immersive Experience?

"It built up from good to unbelievably good. The event was faithful to Jeff Wayne's version and to the original H.G. Wells book. The music is still going through my head weeks later. Well worth the trip."

— Stewart T

"This is a great adventure, from the moment you enter the building you're immersed into the world of H.G. Wells and Jeff Wayne. The iconic music that you would have heard for years in the settings of the common, the church and more whisk you away for an amazing 2 hour experience. Spot on special effects, sets, light and sound as well as the cast help make this a delight."

— James B via Tripadvisor

Jeff Wayne 'always wondered what it would be like to step back in time'

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds has had an extraordinary life since its release in 1978, including records, arena tours and a West End production. Working in partnership with Layered Reality, the award-winning double album has now been adapted into a completely immersive experience. Read on to hear what Jeff has to say about its creation:

"Working with Layered Reality to turn my Musical Version into an Immersive Experience has creatively been one of the most unique and enjoyable collaborations within my career.

The challenge of starting with my original score and script, then adding new musical content, remixes and mash ups plus new storylines all coming together with two very passionate teams - those of Layered Reality and my own studio team and remain friends and proud of the end result, has been very special indeed.

I've always wondered what it would be like to step back in time to the world of H.G. Wells and his dark Victorian tale and survive the Martians. Well, now I know!"


See what this completely unique event is like - watch the official trailer now!

    • Experience 9 tracks from the iconic double album brought to life, as if you were there.
    • Every track remastered by Jeff Wayne exclusively for The Immersive Experience
    • 100% overseen and approved by Jeff Wayne - from script, sets, and costume, to VR, lighting and sound design
    • Martian themed cocktails in The Spirt of Man Bar and Red Weed interval Bar
    • Meet your favourite characters (yes, Ogilvy will be there!)
    • Digital cast stars Anna Marie Wayne and Carrie Hope Fletcher from JW’s TWOTW tour and West End show.
    • Features 'Brave New World' sung by Kaiser Chief’s Ricky Wilson (The Artilleryman, 2012 tour)
    • 5D Effects, Volumetric Holograms, VR
    • Be IN the action - not just watching
    • Multi Award-Winning including THEA award (Oscars of the Industry)
    • Fans say “If you love the music, you'll love this”, “a MUST Do for TWOTW fans”, “You’ll kick yourself if you miss this”.

"If you're a fan of Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds then you have to visit this attraction."

— James via Tripadvisor

"This was by far the best immersive experience I have been to. Left feeling completely charged and wanted to do it all over again. It is pure escapism, everything has been designed so well, the actors are amazing and it really thrills all the senses. Anyone that likes the music from war of the worlds or just enjoys an adventure will love this."

— Becky H
LONDON'S #1 IMMERSIVE NIGHT OUT* Top Rated 5/5 and #12 of ALL London Nightlife and the only immersive event in the top 20 on Tripadvisor.
8 AWARDS WON! THEA award-winning experience from Layered Reality™ who've won 8 awards so far!
TOP 10% IN THE WORLD Ranked in the top 10% of ALL attractions globally. 98% of guests recommend this.*

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