100,000 Memories...

100 K memories collage

Over 100,000 of you have visited Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience and created everlasting memories with friends and family. These guests had an amazing time surviving the Martian invasion...

Lauren reviews io 600x600

“We had the absolute best time! Staff were super friendly and all the actors were incredible. It was so immersive - the scenes at the dinner table and in the trenches were brilliant! “

- Lauren (via reviews.io)

Clive reviews io 600x600

“It was brilliant 😁😁 from the staff to the actors, the food was superb plus drinks what more can I say, even the wife said it was an amazing experience so thank you for a wonderful time 😁😁.”

- Clive (via Reviews.io)

Dale reviews io 600x600

“Absolutely blown away by the performances, the set design, the attention to detail, the whole damn thing to be honest! Looking to go again!!!!”

- Dale (via Reviews.io)

Lucy reviews io 600x600

“Wow, just wow!! Loved every second of it!!”

- Lucy (via Reviews.io)

LONDON'S #1 IMMERSIVE NIGHT OUT* Top Rated 5/5 and #12 of ALL London Nightlife and the only immersive event in the top 20 on Tripadvisor.
8 AWARDS WON! THEA award-winning experience from Layered Reality™ who've won 8 awards so far!
TOP 10% IN THE WORLD Ranked in the top 10% of ALL attractions globally. 98% of guests recommend this.*

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